Guitar System

The Guitar System is a modern 21st Century approach for playing the guitar.

If you have ever wondered how some guitarists make it look so easy, the answer is simple:  A skilled guitarist is like a professional golfer who uses technique to achieve effortless performance. Playing the guitar is much the same – it is easier and much more enjoyable to play with effective skills.  The Guitar System reveals the secrets of the world's best guitarists to accomplish this goal.  With this new method, the days of playing the guitar like a caveman are over!  Whether you are a beginner or have played for many years, you will greatly benefit from the widely unknown techniques covered in this three-volume series.  If you are passionate about playing the guitar, you will not find a better method for taking your playing to a higher level.  Focus your energy and save time by learning how to play like the Masters!

Free membership is included and provides online audio and video support.

For the first time, virtuoso technique, fretboard proficiency, and sight-reading have been seamlessly integrated into an accelerated program for the guitar. The essential skills for building a solid foundation are at the root of each lesson and all lesson material is based on an original composition designed to accelerate your learning. Skill level advances sequentially throughout the series and each lesson builds upon the previous lesson in a logical manner.  A 250 step numerical countdown which begins in book one clearly displays one's progress to encourage success.   Accurate diagrams, photographs, tablature, symbols, and audio downloads serve to further illustrate the ideas described in this highly innovative new series.

The development of the Guitar System method is the result of over 30 years teaching experience by one of America’s top guitarists. The author, Dana Starkell, received the GigMasters 'Best of 2012-2016' and won their 'Top Guitarist 2011' award. Dana performs professionally throughout the United States and is also well known for the Guinness World Record 12,181 mile canoe trip he made with his father from Winnipeg, Canada to Belem, Brazil.

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